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History And Historiography

Historiography is being able to digest how a historian works, to learn what school of thinking they come with regards to what shapes history, and how their views impact on the conclusion they draw. Some believe the world is shaped by important people and their actions. Others believe history assignment help is driven by class struggles. Yet others say it is when opposing viewpoints encounter one another.

So historiography is about understanding the methods by which historians develop their interpretations, and how these factors influence how history is written.

Why should we learn history?

World history and history classes in general are perhaps the most important classes you can take in school.

History teaches young people lessons that are incredibly important for adult life.

Learning the mistakes of those who came before us is probably the first reason that comes to mind for most people. If you don’t learn from the mistakes of the past, you’re more likely to repeat those same mistakes. History is full of blunders that have cost people dearly, so logic should follow that we don’t make the same mistakes as the people before us, so we don’t have to pay the price they did.

Another reason why learning history is so important is because you want to follow what other people did to succeed in life. Look at some of the people who were successful in life (successful in terms of accomplishing their own goals, not necessarily rich) and are remembered to this day: Alexander the Great; Gandhi; George Washington; Queen Elizabeth I, and practically any other important historical figure. They all made some good choices in their lives, and they should (largely) be followed as an example.

The last reason why history is so important is a reason that might not seem important to a lot of people, but it is important. Through learning history, you get to connect with the people of the past. A good history teacher will teach you about a person. A great history teacher will make them come alive right in front of you. 

And if history assignment help could teach the whole world that people are just people, then our world will be so much more peaceful.

Schools Of History Writing
  • Greek historical writing :- Herodotus is considered the father of History for his approach to studying it. He was really the first to actually travel to the places that he heard of and conduct interviews with those still living in the area. It is also because of men like Herodotus that the telling of history primarily became one which recounted great men and the great military and political events of their day. Many accounts from the Ancient Greeks remain so detailed because they were preserved by generations of scholars i.e. in the Byzantine Empire until 1453, and by that time re transferred to the West which had lost large portions of them after the “Fall” of the Roman Empire.
  • Christian school of history writing :- Primarily associated with Saint Augustine, this school was influential in medieval times. It interpreted history as the unfolding of the divine will. For the best history assignment help on Christian school of history writing, avail our history assignment writing service.
  • Enlightenment school of history writing :- A 17th Century German historian named Leopold von Ranke. His famous quote was: “Wie es eigentlich gewesen” (How it essentially was). This was in line with how a historian should look at history from the original primary sources. He helped introduce empirical analysis, rather than just regurgitating facts, but many questioned historical sources.  One could say he left a legacy of proper historical interpretation, and helped historians analyze what they read of the past, comparing it to the real political and military situation at the time those documents were created. It’s well-known that the victor writes his own history, so outside documents are necessary to see the whole picture, and see past boastful claims to boost the victor into fanciful greatness.
  • Annales School of history :- The Annales school came later, so of course, they were deeply influenced by Marx (as all continental academic thought was deeply influenced by Marx in the post-war period), but Marx was not the primary source of their ideas. The Annales school focused on treating large blocs of history synchronically, that is to say, less in terms of the succession of events (succession of wars, the succession of kings, that sort of thing) and more in terms of the internal coherence of a historical period. Braudel famously distinguished between the history of the event (traditional history focusing on fleeting events, forgotten almost as soon as they occur), the history of the conjecture (a shorter historical period), and the history assignment help of the longue durée (being a longer historical period of several hundred years at least).

Braudel and Marc Bloch focused on elucidating the character of the longue durée, such as in Bloch’s famous book on feudalism (Feudal Society), which is not divided up according to a succession of events that make of feudal society, but according to the structures of feudal society. Change is almost absent from these Annales histories. It’s all about getting into the spirit of the period. Braudel wrote an enormous volume on the history of the Mediterranean basin (The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II) and three long volumes on the origins of capitalism (The Structures of Everyday Life: Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century), both studies in the longue durée of particular periods of western civilization.

The Annales historians are more interested in social history for its own sake, and as being representative of most of what’s going on in history. Whereas traditional historiography regarded the lives of ordinary people as peripheral and marginal, social history regards the lives of privileged elites as peripheral and marginal to the historical narrative.

  • British Marxist social history :- Marxist historiography derives from the work of Marx, and most practitioners of Marxist historiography have studied Marx closely and employ a lot of Marx’s concepts and historical interpretations. In some Marxist historians this is rather obvious (say, for example, Eric Hobsbawm or Christopher Hill) while in others it is much more subtle. The prehistorian V. Gordon Childe was deeply influenced by Marx, but his books can still be read profitably today and they don’t come across as propaganda. 

Marxist historiography makes use of the idea of society passing through stages of economic organization, of class conflict as one of the drivers of history assignment help, and sometimes adding in the idea of hope because of the wonderful future to come when the social dialectic has played itself out and the ideal communist society is achieved.

  • Post-Modernist conception of history :- Postmodernism is an intellectual rebellion against the Enlightenment. Its material basis is post-industrialism and this is important because one of the first ruptures between Marxism and post-modernism was the Marxist narrative that predicted industrial capitalism creating its own destruction by producing a huge industrial working class that would overthrow the system. Postmodernism tossed out this narrative.

Most post-modernists took ideas, even whole concepts from the body of work produced by Frankfurt scholars but they only took what they wanted and tossed out the rest. This is, of course, the most natural thing in the world of ideas.

What is the most common “historical method” used by historians today?

Historians today do not follow the ‘sticking to the date’ approach. Now it’s all about the holistic and inclusive approach to history. They study how people lived, what they ate, what they wore, which sports they played, what kind of trade they carried out, what did farmers cultivate, what was the status of women in this society, what was the structure of society, how efficient was the economic system, etc

Areas Of History

  • Political History :- Put most simply, the story of elections, or ruling classes/people/parties and their rise/fall. What were the origins of the Republican Party, and why was that important? Who were the Plantagenets, and what happened to them?
  • Social History :- The study of a culture/society through its non-elites, in order to answer the question “How did these people live?” What tools did they use? What crops did they grow? How many people lived in their households, and who were they? How did they vote–i.e., who voted for whom, and how did this change over time? As you might be able to tell, social history is the broadest category of them all, and it encompasses the non-written evidence used in cultural anthropology, statistical methodology, and archaeology, along with more “traditional” (although Social History has now been around for well over 1/2 a century) written source materials such as diaries, letters, and censuses.
  • Intellectual History :- The study of thought, or ideologies, sometimes traced through a particular set of historical events or chronology. Essentially, asking what happened can be discovered by finding out what guiding principles people had at the time–again, mostly through what they wrote about. Or, simply studying the ideologies themselves and their precedents/antecedents.

There’s also Military history assignment help, various cultural histories, economics, philosophy, history of ‘thought’ about various ideas, medical, astronomy.  There are as many historical interests as there are personal interests for each individual.

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