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Social Science and its history explained :

Social science is the study of human interaction between two or more individuals.

A common misconception is that social science assignment help graduates become social workers or teachers, but social science graduates are found in a wide variety of jobs. According to a 2013 BBC article, “Social science graduates are more likely to be in paid employment than arts or science graduates… “ This is because online social science homework teaches oral and written communication, interpersonal, teamwork, technical, analytical, critical thinking, organizational, and problem solving skills. 

Social sciences often include anthropology, economics, demography, human geography, political science, Social Science, and sociology in addition to many other fields. 

Over time, similar aspects of a society, such as communication, were separated into unique fields of study. Statistical surveys and research methodologies helped prove or disprove theories.

1. History

The history of social science assignment help  is to vast to cover here as it has evolved from the work of many people over centuries.

The social sciences include the study of how and why people behave in a particular (a very simplistic term). The “science” part comes from the ability to hypothesize and predict human behaviors according to the particular social science  lens that one is using, in this case, History. 

In History, there are a number of ways that this is done: contextualization, prioritization, causation, and many more. In contextualization, for example, we look at the people, space, and place surrounding a particular event in order to explain why the event happened. That way we can make comparisons of the people, space, and place in another context to say why something may or may not occur in the same way. It goes back to the adage—history repeats itself—to say why that is true or not. 

As another example, a political historian looks at what is happening today (war, population, globalization) as trends to determine the outcome of the current election.

The older version of understanding History was as social studies or as only located in the Humanities which meant looking at events, dates, and people on their own without applying the science (for example, an art historian’s analysis of a painting according to a certain time period).

We also see in public high schools today, intentionally incorporating different social sciences in the four-year plan for students: geography (how people interact with land and location), history (how we interact with cause-effect), political science (how we act as a group including in governance), economics (how incentives influence behavior) and electives in sociology (how we group together), anthropology (how groups develop and interact), and online Social Science homework help (how the brain influences behavior).Each framework tells a much different story of the events and helps us to understand it in interesting (and most times, more inclusive, holistic) ways.

2. Economics

About 100 years ago, German researchers Wilhelm Dilthey and Max Weber proposed that we categorize or classify academic subjects into three domains, each with different purposes :

  • The natural sciences, with the purpose of explanation, so physics, chemistry, etc.
  • The humanities, with the purpose of understanding or, with examples being philosophy, literature, fine arts, etc.
  • The social sciences, with the twin purposes of explanation and understanding, examples including economics, sociology, political science.
  • Max Weber was an economist (and lawyer and sociologist), so we’re following the classification scheme that he suggested by including economics as a online social science homework help.
    • An economy is always part of the social environment it generates funds ( albeit through taxation) that enables government to try and tackle social issues. Consider the economy is linked to education through the skills it requires but also contributes through its taxes to providing the education needed for those skills. A good high tech economy is good because it pays good wages upon which further tax is collected. This does two important things it enables the population to be less reliant on government funds, to have better living conditions and through a better diet be healthier. This again takes pressure of the NHS and helps resources to be allocated where they are most needed. All these things are connected and changes in one area has a knock on effect in others.
    • This is why economics is part of social science because it is a driving force for society and is integral to society meeting its basic needs for food, shelter and warmth.

3. Political Science

Political science is a social science along with economics, sociology, Social Science, anthropology.

Politics was never just about governments competing for power because it takes people to achieve the power governments need to be deemed powerful. What is a general without an army? What is a leader without followers. Practically everything about the social sciences is institutionalized in some form or other to achieve the political aganda beit voluntarily or coercively and whether we are aware of it or not. The election process is a strategy on how power is conveyed by the vote of the people. Do all people vote, No. Does that mean its because they rather be social science, No. Social science is the essence of Political Science and political science is a system of government as in Bureaucracy.

There are two ways to look at political science. The first, most common (and in my opinion, least natural) way to look at politics puts it firmly in the realm of social science because political systems are sociocultural and artificial constructs of humans. Natural sciences, by definition, are sciences that study things that occur in nature. And since political systems are constructs of humans, they do not occur in nature. 

The second, more natural, view of politics comes from breaking down the word politic into “poli-“, meaning many, and “tic”- a blood sucking creature. According to this more natural view, political science should definitely be considered a natural science because many blood sucking creatures exist in nature.

 4. Sociology

Sociology, for the most part, can be understood as looking at human interactions through a different level of scale.

  • Social Science mostly looks at individuals and how they behave or process information
  • Anthropology mostly examines the range of cultural expression and also human evolution
  • Economics mostly is interested in how to maximize financial efficiency
  • Criminology (an offshoot of sociology which is now becoming its own discipline) is interested in why people commit crime and why only some things are considered crime

In contrast, sociology is mostly interested in large social systems and how they affect the larger organization of society. The focus here isn’t on individuals but on populations, what their relationships are with each other, and how groups of people create social systems that affect how they look at things or behave.

5. Anthropology

Anthropology is the broad umbrella that encompasses the whole of the study of humankind, this would include the social sciences, like Sociology, History, Economics etc…Anthropology also encompasses more scientific aspects like Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, Medicine etc.

To put it simply, anthropology is a social science that has a primary focus on culture.

 6. Philosophy

Philosophy is, generally, not considered to be a social science. Applications of philosophy, such as the application of Plato’s musings of the “ideal city”, could easily slip into the realm of political science or sociology, but they find their origins in the humanities sector.

In short, philosophy is not considered a social science because its primary domain is in the theoretical realm. What defines a social science is something that deals immediately with specific groups of people, and builds theories off of their interactions. Philosophy is often the reverse; it takes a theory, and then tries to entrain specific groups of people into that ideology.

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7. Archaeology

Archaeology is a social science, usually taught within anthropology or history departments/schools.

Despite employing an interdisciplinary approach towards data collection methods and tools, the goal of archaeology is studying the cultural, social, political and historical realms of past human settlements – for which the social sciences is the ideal suit.

Still, its relationship with anthropology is even deeper, because being one of anthropology’s four fields (the others are sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropology and linguistic anthropology), archaeologists should be aware of the contribution the other “anthropologist” could offer in understanding a culture through its physical remnants, be it human remains (biological anthropology), old texts (linguistic anthropology) or objects/images (sociocultural anthropology).

8. Linguistics

Language is central to identity and therefore it is central to social science research. Everything is discursive in which case how we communicate and use language to give meaning, is elementary to society and the formation both of communities and the individual.

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